Sunday, 15 May 2016

Marketing through Content

In today’s marketing world, medium or channels of marketing have changed considerably. Many players have opted for online marketing as you find consumers on this platform more than any other mediums like television or print mediums. Due to deeper penetration of the mobile framework, people are connected online almost all the time.
Only one thing that can make the online marketing successful is the content which needs to be rich in substance and extremely relevant to the segment of the consumers you are targeting.
Why online content marketing?
The idea behind floating the content online is to provide the consumers with accurate and relevant content and periodically update them to influence their buying decisions. Content marketing is an ongoing process where you need to update and refresh the content regularly for your consumers to be up to date and thereby make right decisions.
How content brings about a change in the business?
The consumers are smart enough to understand the difference between advertising and actual value of the product which they can realize only by having access to apt and enriched content. Right content spreads through social mediums and generates the right word of mouth publicity for the products and services that has the power to influence the decision making.
To create visibility online, you need content to come up higher on the page ranks and remain in front of the consumers who are looking for such information.
What can we achieve with accurate and planned content marketing?
With the brief and accurate content, you will be able to attract consumers and create visibility enhancing the brand awareness. Brand awareness gradually starts influencing the consumer behavior and the business starts creating a list of prospects by deeper analysis of this behavior.
These prospects can be kept engaged with the right content which is updated right on time which in turn will give sales to the business. The story does not end here as no business aims at achieving one time sales. So the next step after the sales is customer retention and loyalty which is not just attained by adequate services pre and post sales but also by floating the right information to them for their next purchase.
As mentioned earlier, content marketing is an ongoing process that brings continuous sales to the business.
Content strategy would be different for different businesses depending upon their industry sector and size. For small retailers, it would be sufficient if they are capable of answering all the questions their consumers have. But for bigger multinationals, the process could be complex. They would need to act timely and in a structured manner to flow information sequentially and accurately. That is why it is important to strategize before you could plan your content.
Content planning
Once the strategy is laid down, it’s time to plan your content and the flow. It should be noted that content does not comprise only the text but also visual and tabular information. Along with enriched content, its presentation also matters a lot in influencing the consumers. Relevant content, timely updating and legible presentation can make the goals achievable.
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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Content Marketing & Article Submission

Content Marketing and Article Submission is one of those newly developed online marketing and work options which has gone viral within a few years. The main reason why Content Marketing and Article Submission has gained such huge success is because of user centric and high quality user content it provides. If you take the example of online marketing alone you will find that content marketing is one of the topmost internet marketing trends in it. The best part about content marketing is that it is highly customer centric and can help any brand to go viral in an overnight. Content marketing makes towards pro active customers by educating the customers about the brand and the product thereby bringing about some serious improvements in the business process. It helps to reduce the gap between the business brand and the customers.

Content Marketing Strategy: Every business needs to follows a good Content Marketing and Article Submission strategy to make sure that everything works out well. The basic idea is to use great quality content along with creative examples like explanation of new ideas and methodologies, discussing solutions to various user problems, end user information about critical issues, considerable knowledge and approaches chosen by them, etc. Business content marketing is considered to be one of the most brutal ways in which you can beat your competition and move ahead in the market. Content marketing will also help your online business by increasing the incoming traffic to your official company website or official company pages on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Content marketing is all about updating and adding new information to your websites by use of keywords that make search engines absorb your site’s content and thereby attracts users. When you have potential readers to your websites you can be assured that these readers will soon convert into your customers. Content management and content marketing when done in right way can increase your website’s ranking on a search engine.

Article Submissions Tips: The other aspect of Content marketing is article submission. Both of Content Marketing and Article Submission goes hand in hand. Content marketing is related to business enhancement and marketing while article submission is all about spreading your article. It is acceptable if you publish your article on your official site but then also publish it to a back link of higher quality so that you are able to attract more traffic. Here are a few simple tips for article submission:

You have to make sure about the consistency of your article in all directories.
Make sure you are putting a call function in your resource box.
You can also try and entice more customers to your website by providing free gifts in your resource box.
There are many directories which give you permission to put hyperlink in the content body. If it is allowed then it is advisable that you put anchor links to all sorts of terms in the content body.
You can also input the hyperlink or anchor link to your website as a major keyword in the resource back so that users can visit your website for more information about the matter.

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